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Here are some of the “PRO’s”

Rubber mulch lasts indefinitely. (Its deterioration rates are measured in decades vs. months for wood-based mulches.)

This mulch cannot harbor mold, fungus, or insects such as carpenter ants or underground termite colonies. (By contrast, wood products provide attractive harboring conditions for termites and can act as their “bridge” to structural wood in houses.)

All of our mulches also are guaranteed non-toxic and non-flammable, as well (see 16 CFR 1500.44). Our mulches are wheelchair accessible. (see ASTM F12-93, ASTM 355-86, and CPSC Document #1005).

Rubber mulch compresses but cannot compact – this promotes continual internal circulation of air and cooling of the mulch layer. Contrary to the mythology – even the black varieties remain cooler than any surrounding surface, except grass . . . on the hottest of days. It insulates underlying soil and root systems from extremes of hot and cold weather.

It prevents weed growth, mildew, and fungus (including the notorious staining “shotgun” or “artillery” fungus). Birds and animals seldom scratch through rubber mulch. (They soon learn that it contains no insects, seeds, or other edibles.)

Rubber mulch emits no odor after the first day applied. The initial scent resembles that of a tire store.

Since it has a higher specific gravity than water, it does not float away in heavy rain nor blow away in high wind.

Rubber mulch cannot absorb rain or irrigation water — it readily drains water, beneficial minerals, and liquefied nutrients down to your plants’ roots and promotes warmth and moisture in the soil.

For equestrian applications, our (™branded) rubber footing and coarse sand mixture is the safest footing for your horses. Equestrian rubber footing combined with coarse sand provides excellent traction, allows quick drainage for easy cleanup and will not become slippery or freeze. It reduces equine allergic reactions due to dust, pollen, mold, or fungus spores.**

The “CON’s”

Frankly, we found very few – and we searched mightily for them before we went into this business! But we did discover reams of outdated misinformation…

Rubber mulch does command a higher initial cost, due to its complex production process as compared to that of wood-based mulches. But once it’s in – it’s permanently IN – you’ll renew or replace it only over decades, if at all. It should be considered a one-time capital investment… no longer a tiresome continuing operating expense.

Playground and Landscape Mulches

We hear continuing complaints about splinter infections arising from wood-based mulches. Seldom so about rubber mulches. Also, there is a video on the internet which alleges that playground rubber mulch is “hazardous to children”. (The video producer’s motives remain obscure. Her video is so patently absurd, we use it in our own promotion material as humor! We’ll be glad to send you the link, if you’re interested.)

Playground rubber mulch is generally certified as 99.9% wire-free. Remember, these are manufacturer certifications.* 99.9% wire-free implies a .001% chance that an occasional wire fragment might have escaped the industrial magnets used in production. Any rogue wire will disappear in one month to six weeks due to natural corrosion and weather effect – therefore should not be a continuing concern. While the vast majority of playground mulch produced and sold is 99.9%, you may want to consider this factor in your purchases; most playground mulch we ourselves sell is 99.9%. But we can provide 100% wire-free playground rubber mulch as well through our supplier JJV®. These mulches derive from non-tire rubber sources; therefore they command a considerably higher price per ton.

Certain scholars have alleged that zinc and other toxins leaching from “deteriorating rubber” kills plants. Their treatises invariably use the terms “tires” or “rubber” — but never “Rubber Mulch.” Thus, they misidentify the object of their criticism. Scrapped whole tires did indeed collect rain-water and leach toxins — millions were abandoned in tire dumps and often submerged in swamps over many years, interacting with algae. In that form, of course they leached chemical components. But transformed into rubber mulch, neither the nugget nor shredded profile allows water absorption, nor blocks natural drainage into the earth, nor leaches any more zinc or minerals than does the natural environment — trees and vegetation. (By contrast, wood-based mulch frequently derives from shredded pallets, termite-infested discarded fence posts, or other treated, dyed, and painted wood.) It turns out that the outdated studies of these academics often were funded, directly or indirectly, by competitive industries.

U.S. Government agencies, private testing organizations, medical and veterinary studies attest to the safety of rubber mulch products in playground, landscaping, equestrian, ballistic, and civil engineering environments:

  • EPA – Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (Evaluation of Health Effects of Recycled Waste Tires in Playground and Track Products)
  • CPSC – Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC Document 1005)
  • ASTM International – American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM #F1292)
  • Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN (Mayo Clinic Health Oasis, May 1998)
  • The, ** Guide to Equine Health Care, by Heather Smith Thomas: “Allergic reactions in horses can be triggered by environmental allergens (dust, pollen, molds, insect bites, feed, etc.)… If the respiratory and circulatory systems are severely affected, the condition may become life threatening unless reversed.”
  • Here is a comprehensive reference page which links to a large number of governmental, scientific, and institutional test reports on the characteristics and safety of rubber mulch

* Independent third-party agencies such as EPA, ASTM, IPEMA, CPSC, ADA, various state agencies, and universities test for fall-impact, toxicity, color-fastness, flammability, and access for the disabled — but not for wire or steel content.

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