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As of now, TDF (tire derived fuel) is the largest single product derived from recycled tires. It powers cement kilns, power plants, industrial boilers and paper mills. Civil engineering is continually creating new applications and expanding demand for crumb rubber.

Its virtual indestructibility and strength are two of the keys. Crumb rubber aggregates improve the qualities of the products to which it’s added. Construction and industry use crumb rubber for excavation backfill, foundation material, acoustic barriers, membrane protection, mounting pads and plastic compounds. One major application includes rubber-modified asphalt, which muffles traffic noise and imparts flexibility to the final pavement. Another is filtration: crumb rubber is finding wider employment as water filtering. It clogs far slower than predecessors because of its compressibility and affords more efficient filtration. Rubber underlayment for natural gas pipelines currently is being studied: to mitigate shock from the gas entrance into chill chambers.

Here is an array of other current uses:

Highway, Rail, and Aviation applications

  • Rubber modified asphalt
    • Hot mix asphalt
    • Reflective crack sealant
    • Waterproof membranes
    • Gap seals
    • Stress absorbing membranes
  • Embankment backfill
  • Acoustic barriers (“noise walls”)
  • Road base / stone replacement
  • Portable traffic control devices
  • Ripple strips and speed bumps
  • Rail crossings, sleepers and buffers
  • Railroad track underlayment
  • Roadside safety railing
  • Airport runways
Automotive applications

  • Filler in new tire manufacture
  • Tire retreads
  • Solid and pneumatic tires
  • Oil spill absorber
  • Floor mats, mud flaps, molded protection strips
  • Friction brakes
  • Automotive gaskets, door and window seals
  • Segmented earthmoving tires
  • Adhesive sealants
  • Sprayable sealant for automobile wheel housings
  • Vehicle bumper bars
  • Flooring for truck trays and tipper bodies
Construction and Industrial applications

  • LNG Pipeline Underlayment
  • Excavation backfill
  • Foundation material
  • Industrial floors and traffic lanes
  • Anti-static computer mats
  • Sprayed-on roofing, insulation, and waterproofing
  • Adhesive sealants
  • Mounting pads and shock absorbers
  • Membrane protection
  • Shoe industry components
  • Carpet underlayment
  • Aggregation with plastics (ex: composite masonry)
  • Flexible foam
  • Hoses and Rollers
  • Compression molding compound
  • Extrusion compounding for rubber products
  • Injection molding compound
  • Solid tires for industrial equipment
  • Conveyor belts
  • Packaging filler, bags, and recycling bins
Marine applications

  • Wharf buffers
  • Floating docks
  • Non slip decking

Sports applications

  • Children’s playground surfacing
  • Sports field infill, athletic tracks, tennis courts
  • Gymnasium flooring and matting
  • Bicycle, walking, and golf cart paths
  • Ballistic rubber for target firing ranges
  • Rock climbing wall base mulch

Rural and Landscape applications

  • Equestrian footing for horse training and show arenas
  • Watering systems and irrigation drip hoses
  • Agricultural pipes
  • Flower pots, wall hangers, pot plants
  • Animal bedding
  • Protective fencing
  • Sprayable linings for grain silos and storage tanks
  • Tires for agricultural machinery
  • Pond and pool liners
  • Tiles, pavers and flexible curbing
Bulk Products and Mining applications

  • Filter for landfill leachate ponds
  • Erosion control landfills
  • Leachate pond liners
  • Aggregate surfacing
  • Mulches and perma-mulches
  • Mine conveyor belt systems

Military, Police, and Fire-Fighter applications:

  • Ballistic rubber – firing range bullet traps, combat pit and rappel tower training arenas
Art applications

  • Fine shred rubber used in sculpture gardens, museums, and interior decorating.

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Art Installations: (by permission of owners)

Decorative Rubber Mulch Walkway in Dahlgren Virginia

Walkway – Naval Heritage Museum – Dahlgren, VA- (mosaic Red/Black)

Sculpture Garden – central VA (coated Midnight Black)

Sculpture Garden – central VA (coated Midnight Black)

Playdate Art Exhibit – Northern VA (underlay Bark Brown)

Playdate Art Exhibit – Northern VA (underlay Bark Brown)

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Please call Jesse: (540) 846-5198 or

Please call Jesse: (540) 846-5198 or