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We never lose sight of this: It’s always our clients doing us a favor…never the way around.

— By favoring us with their business.
— By trusting us with their private financial information.
— By trusting our certifications as to safety, non-toxicity, wire-free, and appropriateness for their applications,
— And by trusting us to find reliable carriers who deliver their order on time and undamaged.

Rarely, our client-centric policy creates a bit of financial sacrifice for us. So be it…It Is What It Is.

We’re proud to say that we have yet to “sell” our first ton of product.

We endeavor to understand our clients’ concerns – then we provide expertise and consultation.

Rubber Mulch Is Us LLC is expanding the markets for Ballistic Media, Rubber Mulches and other Recycled Rubber Products. We operate world-wide. Veteran-owned, we are a registered Federal contractor (SAM Registry), Defense Department contractor (CAGE), and licensed Virginia Commonwealth contractor (eVA/SWaM). Rubber Mulch Is Us LLC breaks through retail price barriers to provide these great products for many more clients and applications: military, police, and fire-fighter ballistic rubber, equestrian footing, professional landscaping, playgrounds, marine and boat decking, civil engineering (including excavation backfill) and athletic field infill. Our trade-marked rubber mulches, from many producers, are of the highest quality, come in an array of colors, nugget or shred profiles. Their longevity is measured in decades, not months. And maintenance is minimal; an occasional rake-down and wash-down makes it like new.

Our American and Canadian sources include:

  • BALLISTIC MEDIA — Eastern Machine & Conveyors Inc, PRM™, The BulletBunker®, IMC®, LifeSpring™, Maine Industrial Corp, RDF®, RMK™, Southwest Machine & Conveyors®, Loctite/Hysol™, and Grainger Industrial Supply.
  • PLAYGROUND AND LANDSCAPE MULCHES — Beaumon Industries, LifeSpring™, EcoSoft™, NuPlay™, GroundSmart™, Playfill®, Playsafer™, RubberBark™, C3RS Inc, and Safe-T-Play™.
  • EQUESTRIAN FOOTING — Equi-Tread™, Virginia Recycling LLC, LifeSpring™, Safe-T-Footing™, SureFoot™.
  • LANDSCAPE MULCHES — Beaumon Industries, EcoSoft™, IMC®, Everscape™, LifeSpring™, GroundSmart™, Virginia Recycling LLC, RubberBark™, Rubberific™, C3RS Inc, and Tread-Spread™.
  • CIVIL ENGINEERING — C3RS Inc, Emanuel®, Liberty®, LifeSpring™, Ticor™, and JJV®.

Recycled rubber is a vital component of “Green Technology.”
It has eliminated thousands of dangerous, unhealthy, and unsightly tire dumps across the national landscape, as well as thousands of tons of industrial rubber salvage. It has prevented countless incidents of mosquito-borne diseases. Rubber mulch now derives from the normal retirement of the nearly 300 million truck and automobile tires from the nation’s fleet per year, plus countless tons of salvaged industrial rubber such as scrap hoses, roofing, and mine conveyor belts. Finally, we’re proud that 100% of our products are North American-made, by skilled and well-paid U.S. and Canadian workers.

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For rubber mulch products: Landscape & Playground mulches,
Equestrian footing, Athletic Infill, Civil Engineering Applications:
Please call Jesse: (540) 846-5198 or

Please call Jesse: (540) 846-5198 or